MBDU® (Modern Battle Dress Uniform®)

Modern battlefield changes rapidly and requires gear that's both universal since it might be used in different conditions but specific as well, as it supposed to suit the user properly. These were the main goals Helikon-Tex®️ tried to reach while developing its brand-new Modern Battle Dress Uniform®️ - we wanted it to be action-ready no matter what task lays before you.

Modern Battle Dress Uniform®️ provides you with all the features needed when a mission comes ahead.

As you’ll be looking at our MBDU® Shirt and MBDU® Pants, keep in mind all of the additional equipment you have to have on you while in action. You’ll be surprised how it all suits perfectly to the way we placed the pockets, rank tags and other features. Helikon-Tex® new uniform won’t harm your movement abilities even when fully loaded and combined with chest rig and backpack.


ikonAnatomical cut
ikonZippered pockets placed bicep-high
ikonSide VersaStretch® panels for additional freedom of movement
ikonAdjustable cuffs with hook&loops
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ikonHook&loops closed waist for additional adjustment
ikonBack gusset made of VersaStretch® for additional freedom of movement
ikonReinforced knees, compatible with Low Profile Protective Pads
ikonChannels on the legs bottom for ribbon or cord
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