Cobra FC45

AustriAlpin® Cobra® side release buckle - a well recognized industry standard is matched with sturdy 45mm (1 3/4 inch) military grade webbing. It will carry a holsters and ammo pouches with ease, so get yourself one. You'll love it!
Cobra FC45 Cobra buckle Heavy duty 45mm webbing


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  1. Range: 29 - 289
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  2. (20)
  3. (8)
  4. (6)
  5. (12)
  6. (5)
  7. (1)
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  2. (8)
  3. (16)
  4. (21)
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  7. (14)
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  9. (3)



More about Belts

Wear them tight or wear them loose, hang your guns, kives or pouches off them. Old school fabric, classic nylon or even laser cut modular belts are available from us. Some are fastened with cast buckles, some you just weave through, and there are super-durable AustriAlpin® Cobra® buckle belts for the hardcore users as well.

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