Fewer layers though everything at hand

While temperatures are raising high and you feel somehow forced to strip off some of your clothing layers, you shouldn't be worried about the way you would carry your EDC or trip essentials. That's why we present you with our suggestions for Helikon-Tex new and best-selling gear for both good and bad weather conditions.

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When it's boiling-hot outside, take our set of highly-breathable garments

It's composed of our brand-new, just released products: Outdoor Tactical Shorts®, Groundhog Pack®, Folding Outdoor Cap® and Defender Mk2 Ultralight Shortsleeve Shirt®.

They won't let you down, as the temperature rises high.

icon rain

When the conditions look unsteady, get an additional layer

Our tested and quality-proven choices are: Outback Tactical Pants®, Windrunner Windshirt®, Defender Mk2 Tropical Shirt® and Summit Backpack®.

Though weather-resistant, they won't make you sweat as you hike through long summer days.

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