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    tablerate_bestway $67.80


    Weight [g] 500.0000
    Material 100% Polyester
    Washing principles

    Basic set of synthetic burlap threads for Ghillie suit camouflage construction. The set allows preparation of camouflage equipment and uniform elements, such as weapons, boonie hats, backpacks. Use of several sets gives enough camouflage material to build a complete Ghillie suit on an appropriate base. The colors selection allows preparation of a perfect camouflage in most of the woodland terrains. Polyester yarns are less flammable than a natural burlap, dont fade, dont absorb moisture, nor build up smell or mildew.


  • High breathability
  • Lightweight and compressible
  • 8 burlap thread bundles in following colors: brown, dark green, light green and tan
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