Bushcraft Helikon-Tex

Made for Bushcraft

Communing with nature in the wild woods or at the mountain hills stretched for miles ahead is the way we like to spend our free time.

Though to make the most of it, you’ll need a well-considered set of gear. Proper boots and a reliable satchel both make a good foundation, providing you with that bit of comfort and certainty, thus making your journey a more enjoyable experience.

Find out more about our choice of ultimate bushcraft bag and the stuff you may pack into it.

Bushcraft Akcesoria Helikon-Tex
Bushcraft Satchel Helikon-Tex

Bushcraft Satchel Bag®

With its traditional look combined with solutions derived from purely tactical gear, Bushcraft Satchel Bag® obviously stands out in the multitude of bushcraft-like bags.

Our experts in survival and tough expeditions did their best to provide the end-user with lots of carrying space and clever-placed MOLLE/PALS panels to attach additional items.

What's more, a wide variety of color options shows the Bushcraft Satchel Bag® as a fine solution not only for those wilderness-lovers but for the urban survival experts as well.

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Complete your bushcraft gear-list:

Bushcraft Pilgrim Helikon-Tex

Defender Mk2 Pilgrim Shirt®

As bushcraft becomes not only a set of woodcrafting skills with a glaze of survival and prepping solutions, but a whole culture of spending time in the woods, it turned out that there's a certain style that unites most of bushcrafters.

Plaid shirts are ones of the basics of - lets put it that way - bushcraft-style clothes. Thus, it's no surprise that we tried to put every feature needed into garments of that trend. That's how Pilgrim shirts were made.

They not only look a certain way - they're made for bushcraft.

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Bushcraft Swagman®  Helikon-Tex

Swagman Roll Poncho®

The knowledge of trekking equipment is much more common than the knowledge of gear needed to prepare a proper and safe sleeping and cooking environment when you are getting ready to spend the night in the woods.

You don't need to worry though, as we have some kind of camping-garment "multitool"- a Swagman Roll Poncho®.

Its abilities to increase comfort of your regular poncho, serve as a blanket, sleeping bag or hammock liner or even a sleeping bag itself, makes it absolutely irreplaceable for bushcrafters and trekking enthusiasts.

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Get ready for any weather:

Bushcraft Helikon-Tex

Bushcraft Line

Do not hesitate to explore the whole range of our bushcraft gear to find the solutions you need when in the woods.

Our flannel shirts and the upcoming selection of gloves will make you prepared for any work that has to be done.

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