A man in a bushcraft jacket lighting a campfire during a camping trip

Bushcraft essentials

Bushcraft is the art of utilizing real survival techniques where nature rules. It requires knowledge of building shelters, lighting and maintaining fires, and safely spending time in the forest, regardless of the weather. On the one hand, bushcraft draws from the experience of previous generations and enthusiasts - wisdom that we still use today. On the other hand, our experts personally test the products that later become part of the bushcraft line. This way, Helikon-Tex's offer includes trustworthy clothing and accessories.

So, what is most needed to make your time in the wild satisfying and to handle survival situations? Our bushcraft essentials kit is how to stay dry and warm, feel comfortable in durable clothing, pack appropriately, and, most importantly, ensure first aid safety.

Bushcraft accessories on a Forester belt such as a bushcraft first aid kit or a water bottle pouch

New on the market: Bushcraft First Aid Kit

The Bushcraft First Aid Kit consists of a rectangular case with a stiff back. Inside, it has a removable insert with a handle and quick-opening feature. It is equipped with pockets for a tourniquet, personal dressing, and bandage. In the center of the insert is a zippered, detachable pocket made of elastic material, which can also be carried independently.

A new feature in our offer is the space for a tourniquet inside the first aid kit, rather than outside as usual. This design is due to the specific nature of bushcraft activities. The first aid kit can also be mounted horizontally using Woojin buckles, similar to the Foxhole bag. We added MOLLE/PALS system straps and a wide strap, allowing the first aid kit to be carried on any belt up to 50 mm wide.

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Create your bushcraft kit

Looking for materials resistant to campfire sparks? Need solid and comfortable clothing? You'll find it all in our bushcraft kit proposal. Woodsman pants are perfect for hiking and camping conditions. They have 4 spacious pockets and space for knee pads. Gloves can be attached to the loops under the belt loops. For the top, we recommend the classic SAS Smock jacket, equipped with 8 pockets and a hood with drawstrings. The pants and jacket are made of DuraCanvas material, which is spark-resistant and suitable for waxing.

A man during a camping trip in the forest, sitting in a hammock under a camping tarp

The Defender Mk2 Pilgrim shirt with a non-rolling collar and a glasses loop is a great addition to the bushcraft set. The fabric of the shirt has a UPF50 rating, providing protection against harmful UV rays. To further protect yourself from the sun and provide shelter from rain, it's worth adding our Supertarp to the set. This is a 300 x 300 cm camping tarp with 19 reinforced attachment points. It comes with 2 covers, allowing for easy transport and setup in any conditions. Bushcraft enthusiasts will also appreciate our comfortable T-shirt with the camping motif "Home Sweet Home."

Complete your kit
Survival accessories such as a camp cup - useful for preparing meals during bushcraft activities

Practical accessories to have on hand 

After completing your clothing and basic shelter-building elements, it's worth adding something extra to the set - the multifunctional Swagman Roll poncho. It can be used as a sleeping bag, hammock underquilt, makeshift jacket, etc. Our bags: Claymore, Foxtrot Mk2, and Bushcraft Satchel, as well as the Chest Pack Numbat, can store useful items in the forest camp. Everyday tasks will be safer and more comfortable with Lumber gloves made of natural leather, and the folding Vagabond seat will come in handy when fatigue sets in and it's time to rest.

Additionally, we offer a range of camp kitchen accessories: the Camp Kettle, Camp Cup, and Camp French Press, which will be invaluable for making aromatic coffee or warming tea. We encourage you to browse our offer and further expand your bushcraft kit according to your individual needs.

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