When you want no attention, there is a low-profile gear

Concealed weapon carrying as well as taking part in undercover urban operation strongly rely on mindfully designed and field-tested low-profile gear and garments. These are full of non-obvious and not too visible storage capacities, to help you carry your EDC gear and stuff you need, while on the mission.

Downtown Backpack

Downtown Backpack®

The long-awaited, presented for the first time at Shot Show 2019 and IWA 2019, Downtown Backpack® is the go-to solution for everyone looking for a low-profile look in fully-operational gear.

The possibility to draw your service or self-defense gun in seconds makes this pack an answer for all of urban operators requests.

ikonQuick-detachable shoulder straps
ikonFast-access compartment for sidearm
ikonCivilian external look
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Sling Backpack®

When a backpack seems too big, but a waist pack may not be big enough, there’s a place for a gear that’s both easy to move around and capable to store your essentials.

In case of Sling Backpack® those features are further supplemented by personalization capabilities, thanks to Helikon-Tex Versatile Insert Sysem® organizers and pockets.

ikonHidden compartment for weapon carry
ikonVersatile Insert System®-compatible
ikonZippered pocket on shoulder strap
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