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Get ready for the range

What are your tactical challenges and plans for this year? We want to be your reliable support on the way to achieving them, so we've prepared for every circumstance. We have gear that you can tailor to your needs, matching it to the type of activity and enjoying increased efficiency and comfort while shooting. New in our range – the versatile Mission Bag and the compact Chicom Chest Rig are waiting to prove themselves in action. Aim, fire!

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The perfect bag for special tasks? Mission possible!

The Mission Bag is designed for anyone who values organization and safety. It is a versatile evolution of our iconic Rangemaster, built with maximum functionality in mind. Whether you are storing ammunition, tactical gear, shooting equipment, or everyday items, this bag will meet your expectations.

Equipped with seven practical pockets, it allows easy access to all necessary accessories. The central compartment includes a simple organizer and soft Velcro, compatible with our VIS series inserts, allowing for almost infinite personalization. Comfortable transport is provided by stabilizing rubber pads and the ability to attach the bag flap to a car seat. Organization, safety, and customization to individual needs – all in one solid product. With the Mission Bag, every mission becomes possible.



Your reliable partner on every front.

Discover a new version of the iconic Chicom Chest Rig. It's a simple and functional design that allows for the comfortable carrying of basic equipment. It's the perfect solution for operations in confined spaces, such as urban areas or CQB operations, where every item must be easily accessible.

The Chicom Chest Rig features a minimalist design with tapered sides and three Velcro-closed pockets that can be customized to individual needs by swapping the flaps for pullers. These universal pockets can accommodate AK/AR type magazines, and the modular construction of external and internal MOLLE/PALS panels allows for the addition of extra pouches or grenade pockets. The option to expand from three to five ammunition slots and the possibility to attach a first aid kit make it an exceptionally practical choice for tactical exercises and shooting training.

Long Range shooting kit

Long Range Set

Long-range shooting is a sport in which the goal is to hit a target from great distances, often exceeding 600 meters. Long firearms, such as rifles, are used and are transported in a special long gun case for safety reasons. Competitors often also use shooting mats, which provide comfort and some insulation from the ground. Additionally, shooting bags are used to stabilize the firearm. Long-range shooting is a discipline that requires precision and patience, where skills and appropriate equipment play a crucial role.

3-gun kit for three-gun shooters

3-gun Set

Multifunctional set for three-gun shooters. 3-Gun is a discipline in which competitors use three types of firearms: a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle. The goal is to hit specified targets as quickly and accurately as possible. A tactical vest with gear tailored for intense action is essential here. Additionally, a shooting belt and comfortable tactical gloves enhance training efficiency. Training sessions can get hot, so tactical shorts are a better choice, providing better ventilation than long cargo pants with many pockets.

IPSC kit for dynamic shooting


The IPSC set (short for International Practical Shooting Confederation) provides numerous options for customizing your equipment to your shooting goals. Focused on functionality and ease of use, the set is ideal for shooters competing in IPSC events. A tactical belt with pouches is one of the key elements of a competitor's gear – it must be reliable, comfortable, and work well with the user in action. In precision shooting, safety is a priority, so proper storage and transportation of firearms are very important, making a specialized gun bag essential in this regard.

Tactical shooting kit

Tactical Set

A set designed for those seeking complete equipment, both practical and versatile. It includes various essential elements for every shooter. A tactical vest or chest rig is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It can hold pouches for pistol and rifle magazines, a radio, a flashlight, and other useful items. The pouches provide quick access to magazines, which is crucial in tactical shooting. Additionally, a med kit is a compact first aid kit that can be worn on the vest.

Shooter in a beanie cap and tactical glasses next to a shooting mannequin.

Lack of ideas for a new training?

Download our shooting target and continue your #JourneyToPerfection on the range.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help choosing the right equipment. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest products and events.

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