About Helikon-Tex

We’re still wondering how much further can we get. How many challenges and undiscovered lands are still ahead of us…

Join us on our Journey to Perfection!

Helikon-Tex is founded on a true passion for adventures and spending a great time outdoors. Over 35 years of experience gives us a solid background to push ahead of the game and deliver cutting edge designs to match your expectations.

If you’re into shooting sports, bushcraft, trekking, urban survival or simply seek for high-quality functional gear and garments, we’re here to present you with our Urban, Range, Patrol, Outback and Bushcraft lines.

Founding of Helikon-Tex as a surplus-retailer
Starting own production
The end of the military surplus trade
Launch of the SFU uniform
The company moves to current location
Implementation of Urban Tactical Pants
Debut appearance at IWA Trade Show
Starting-up of an American branch
Launching of the own production facility
Starting cooperation with GORTAT TEAM
Establishment of the Helikon-Tex Shooting Team
Expansion of warehouses and main office building
Development of the new office in Wrocław
The First Headquarters Helikon-Tex The first headquarters
siedziba główna Zachodnia Helikon-Tex Headquarters in Miękinia
Logistic Center Helikon-Tex Logistic center
Logistic Center Helikon-Tex Logistic center
Sewing Factory in Nowa Ruda Helikon-Tex Sewing factory in Nowa Ruda
Office in Wrocław Helikon-Tex Office in Wrocław

As a military surplus-retailer company, Helikon-Tex was established in Poland in 1983 and kept its direction, maturing as a company and gathering experience for over a decade.

In the late 90', when the growing mismatch between current military gear solutions and the new challenges awaiting a modern-day soldier became obvious, Grzegorz Mieszczak, the owner of the company, decided to develop up-to-date military and paramilitary lines of clothing and gear.

1999 was a milestone in the formation of Helikon-Tex as a producer and a brand itself. Building our own Research&Development department, based on true professionals in their field, we started to design modern and specialized solutions for advanced practitioners and hobbyists in the military, shooting sports and outdoor activities.

Pierwsze targi IWA First IWA Trade Show
Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich 2019 Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich 2019
IWA 2019 IWA 2019

Step by step we turned into a world-leading producer of tactical and outdoor equipment, presenting our gear at the biggest exhibitions in the world and receiving great feedback from both business and individual clients.

Tactical Polish Sniper VII Tactical Polish Sniper VII
Asgard Siege 2018 Asgard Siege 2018
Gortat Team Gortat Team

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