Insert System


Got a concealed carry weapon permit? This little velcro-attachable insert holds securely both a full or compact frame pistol and a spare magazine. Stick it to the loop-velcro surface inside one of our packs or bags and you got a clean draw on your firearm with safe and positive retention.

Pistol Holder Insert Velcro attachment panel Spare magazine slot Stiffened sights guide

Versatile Insert System

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Versatile Insert System


More about Inserts

For some proper organization is a prerequisite of sucess. If you share that insight we hope you’d appreciate that we have prepared a whole collection of diffrent organizers and pockets you can velcro into your packs and bags keeping everything snug and tidy. All those small items that usually land at the darkest bottom of your backpack or bag can now be safely stored and kept within arms reach. Phew.

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