Say “no” to mediocrity, go ahead and start your #JourneyToPerfection.

At Helikon-Tex, we create gear to match your aspirations. Years of experience built confidence and conviction that each of our new products is a step forward - to perfection.

#JourneyToPerfection slogan focuses on itself all the efforts of our experts, but also the contribution of customers who for over three decades have been letting us know where we can improve our products. If a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are close to your interests, join us in our #JourneyToPerfection.

If you want to be the best shooter

Check out our durable, modern clothes and tactical gear from the Range line.

There's everything that a novice shooter, as well as an advanced, experienced competitior, may need: battle-tested pants and shirts inspired by the military-style, but also high-quality shooting bags and mats.

Range Line
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If you’re preparing for an expedition

You will definitely need a reliable gear that will make your trip safe.

Outdoor clothes from the Outback line are well-designed, high-quality garments that - together with the backpacks and organizers from this line - will create a set that will allow you to move further and fulfil each of your travel goals.

Outback Line
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If you still wonder about that freedom you feel in the wild

Calm camping in the forest or a long and demanding trek through the woods require equipment that will not only allow you to move with no restrictions but also provide protection against sparks from the fire or other damage.

This is what we meant when designing Bushcraft line gear.

Bushcraft Line
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