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Supporting unique and closely relating to our interests shooting, outdoor and sports events gives us enormous satisfaction. As people who have always been associated with these environments, and have contributed to their development, this is also our way to say thank you.

If you would like your initiative to join the long list of those with whom we have been operating for years, be sure to contact us at: [email protected].

We reserve ourselves the right to precede the decision to start cooperation with situational analysis. However, you can be sure that, above all, we value professionalism and the unique nature of a given event.

Instinct Tactique @instinct.tactique
Instinct Tactique @instinct.tactique
Robekoutdoors @robekoutdoors
The Vanderful Couple @thevanderfulcouple
The Vanderful Couple @thevanderfulcouple
AnthonyAwaken @AnthonyAwaken

Our former and existing partners include:

Long Shot Long Shot One of the largest long-range shooting competitions in Europe.
Grom Challenge Grom Challenge Obstacle competitions organized by former GROM operators.
3GUN Liga Zachodnia 3GUN Liga Zachodnia Demanding multi-gun competition, appreciated by players from all over Poland.

We also work with major European and global instructors and influencers, including:

C12 Spec. Szkolenia C12 Spec. Szkolenia Survival training offer conducted by former GROM operators.
Polenar Tactical Polenar Tactical A group of shooting enthusiasts recognized all over the world.
Ekwipunek Dźwigany Codziennie Ekwipunek Dźwigany Codziennie Bushcraft specialists and event organizers.

Helikon-Tex also provided equipment for series and movie sets, including:

House of Cards House of Cards
Kompani Lauritzen Kompani Lauritzen
Strzelnica z Navalem Strzelnica z Navalem

If #JourneyToPerfection is a slogan close to your heart, you are interested in shooting, survival, bushcraft, or military world, you are a traveler or ambitious photographer - write to us at: [email protected].

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