Medical Line

First aid kits and accessories for rescuers

We value an active lifestyle and understand the risks of working in uniformed services. Safety is paramount everywhere, so we've dedicated an entire product line to it. We design first aid kits in various shapes, tailored for different users.


Individual Med Kit®

Whatever you do, wherever you go, it always pays to have a medkit on yourself or in your bag. Our Individual Med Kit® can be scaled down and carried as a insert in backpacks or bags. Better be prepared than sorry!

Individual Med Kit® Carrying strap Cordura zippered pouch Separable med insert


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More about Medical

Medical Line products will come in different shapes, sizes and variants – from basic pocket insert to a vehicle based med kit bag. Layout and proposed contents of each med kit are consulted by professionals, and our intent is to make those kits supplemental to all other HTX® Lines."

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