MCDU® Combat Shirt
Unmatched Comfort on a Mission

When it comes to designing an outstanding Combat Shirt, it's not about flashy and unconventional extras. The whole power of Combat Shirt lays in carefully chosen fabrics that'll guarantee breathability and protection. That's why we've spent last months testing different materials and setups that resulted in a piece we're really proud of - the MCDU® Combat Shirt.

MCDU® Combat Shirt

MCDU® Combat Shirt

MCDU® Combat Shirt is a first part of Helikon-Tex MCDU® combat uniform. All of its features were battle-tested by US SWAT Forces and proved their usefulness.

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MCDU® Combat Shirt sleeves

Sleeves and collar made of NYCO fabric

NYCO fabric is a right choice when you're looking for protection with no movement restrictions. A bit more rigid than TopCool it'll also make the stuff placed in the pockets stay in place.

Used at the shoulders, Nyco lets you carry a chest rig and a backpack with no risk of abrasions and chafing.

MCDU® Combat Shirt Topcool

Torso and back made of TopCool fabric

Its name speaks for itself - TopCool is a top choice when it comes to breathability and comfort in dynamic action.

Used in areas usually covered with plate carriers and backpacks, it'll stay dry for long and make you sweat less. Its light weight was crucial as well, as it makes the whole shirt lighter.

MCDU® Combat Shirt pockets

Zippered pockets on arms

When in action you should have your essentials by the hand. No matter if it means your GPS device, a standard map or a photo of the destination place, all of those should be placed securely and easily accessible.

Zippered pockets of the MCDU Combat Shirt provides that, with no harm to an overall plain design.

MCDU® Combat Shirt Pockets colors

MCDU® Combat Shirt

Available in:

  • Black
  • Coyote
  • Olive Green
  • MultiCam®/Coyote
  • PenCott® WildWood™/Olive Green
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