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SQUALL Women's Hardshell Jacket - TorrentStretch

SQUALL Women's Hardshell Jacket - TorrentStretch

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Size & Fit Charts

Sizing Instructions

We would like to ensure that the apparel you purchase really fits you – in order for them to perform their purpose properly. Please invest a moment of your valuable time to check out the measurements guide and corresponding size table to avoid errors.

To take the right measure, please find the clothes that fit you well and measure it.

Button up the clothes and lay it on a flat surface. Measure from left edge to right edge just below the sleeves.

Button up the clothes and lay it on a flat surface. Measure from left edge to right edge at the waistline.

Sleeve Length
Wearing a shirt that you like, measure with an arm at your side, from the shoulder's seam all along the arm until you find the desired length. We recommend that the sleeve should go to the base of your thumb (located at the wrist joint).

In the jackets with raglan sleeves, like Stratus® or Cumulus®, the sleeve measurements should be taken from the base of the collar down to the sleeve cuff.

Button up the pants. Lay the pants out on a flat surface. Measure the inseam distance from crotch, where the front and back seams meet, to the bottom of the leg.

Pants Length
Button up the pants. Lay the pants out on a flat surface with outseams at both edges. Take care to pull any wrinkles and fullness from the back panel. Measure the distance from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem.

For skirts :

Overall length
Lay down flat the skirt that best matches your size with the side stitching facing upwards. Use your hand to flatten/straighten any wrinkles on the fabric. Next measure the distance between the top edge point and the bottom edge point. To have the most accurate result you should measure this along the side stitching.

Waist circumference
Lay down flat the skirt that best matches your size with the front zipper facing upwards. Use your hand to flatten/straighten any wrinkles on the fabric. Measure the top part of the skirt (the waist line) starting from one sides edge point to the opposite side edge point. Next, double the result to get the waist circumference.

Hips circumference
Lay down flat the skirt that best matches your size with the front zipper facing upwards. Use your hand to flatten/straighten any wrinkles on the fabric. Next measure the distance between the opposite side points on the hip part (depending on the skirt cut, the hips should be about 11-14cm below the top edge of the skirt). Double the result to get the hips circumference.

Tolerance for the dimensions given in the table is +/- 2 cm (applies only to clothing).

1/2 Chest 47 49 51 53 55 57 59
1/2 Bottom 48,5 50,5 52,5 54,5 56,5 58,5 60,5
Front 66,1 67,3 68,5 69,7 70,9 72,1 73,3
Sleeve 72 73 74 75 76 77 78

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Weight [g] 389.0000
Material Main: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Nylon, Membrane: 100% Polyurethane
Grammage [g/m2] 135
Washing principles

Hardshell Squall - effective protection against rain and snow

Squall Women's Hardshell Jacket complements the Helikon-Tex offer for women with the most modern outer layer. What is the difference between softshell and hardshell? A softshell jacket (e.g. Blizzard Jacket) is a soft layer that protects against light wind and drizzle, mainly due to the DWR impregnation. Hardshell is a stronger layer that is supposed to provide much better water resistance while maintaining good breathability. Both of these parameters are combined in the Squall Jacket.

As part of expanding the Helikon-Tex offer for women, we have made every effort to make the Hardshell Squall as comfortable as possible and adapted to the female figure: we changed the pockets and adjusted the cut of the jacket.

Features of the membrane in the Squall Jacket

Waterproof and breathable at the same time is ensured by TorrentStretch - a 3L (three-layer) laminate developed by the Helikon-Tex specialists. Between the stronger outer layer and the integrated lining is a microporous membrane. Their dimensions stop water from penetrating inside the jacket. At the same time, they are large enough to effectively remove moisture (in the form of water vapor) generated by the body to the outside. Three layers laminated together form the TorrentStretch membrane. Hardshell Squall is a membrane jacket with very good waterproof parameters: 30,000 mm of the water column.

The key feature - water resistance

The design takes care of all the details appreciated by hardshell users. The Squall is a full-fledged rain jacket with taped seams and a two-way adjustable hood with a high collar. Additional protection against moisture is provided by waterproof YKK® AquaGuard® zippers, of which the main zipper is two-way and secured at the bottom with a Prym snap. Squall Women's Hardshell Jacket has been covered with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) hydrophobic coating, free of harmful PFC (perfluorocarbons).

How a jacket provides breathability

The basis of a good hardshell is water resistance and the transference of water vapor from the body. The TorrentStretch membrane with a breathability of 30,000 g/m2/24h, is responsible for both. Another parameter worth paying attention to when choosing a hardshell jacket is the RET evaporative resistance coefficient. In this way, the permeability of water vapor through the membrane, i.e. breathability, is determined. The lower the RET factor, the less resistance, so the jacket breathes better. The best quality is in the 0-6 RET range, and the Squall Hardshell has <5 RET, which is very good.

Proven ways for better ventilation

Underarm vents add breathability. They provide better ventilation and, if necessary, help regulate body temperature. Same with adjustable cuffs fastened with hook & loop, and welts: two in the hood, one sewn to the bottom of the jacket. With so many options to adjust the fit of the jacket to the body, you can easily adapt it to the weather conditions. The jacket is equipped with solid stoppers from Woojin.

Practical solutions for any weather

Hardshell Squall has been designed so that in winter an additional warming layer can be placed under it (e.g. Wolfhound Hoodie Jacket). Because of that the hardshell will work as an independent jacket in the spring and as an outer layer for winter expeditions. It has three pockets, two of which are lowered compared to the men's model to improve comfort. The third pocket is placed inside for documents or a phone. The hook & loop on the left shoulder will facilitate personalization. In addition, the Squall Jacket takes up little space when folded. Rolled up it fits into its hood.

How to care for a jacket with a membrane

Technologically advanced products require special care to serve as long as possible. The membrane jacket should be maintained according to the instructions so that it does not lose its waterproof and breathability parameters. To strengthen them, it is worth systematically renewing the hydrophobic cover with DWR impregnant.

What to wear under a hardshell

To be able to take full advantage of the features of the Squall Women's Hardshell Jacket, you should wear clothing made of technical materials under it, supporting the free transport of moisture. In this way, the water vapor from the body gets out of the jacket efficiently and effectively.

Squall Hardshell Jacket obtained quality certificates:

BlueSign® – the BlueSign® system excludes substances harmful to the environment from the beginning of the production process. Thanks to this, it is possible to guarantee safer and greener production, higher standards concerning the use of resources, consumer protection, emissions to water and air, and occupational safety.

Oeko-Tex® standard 100 – a certificate confirming the quality of textile and textile products in contact with human skin. The product is tested for the presence of the hundred most dangerous substances threatening consumers. Factors such as resistance to sweat, saliva, and foreign odors are also assessed.


  • 3L (three-layer) TorrentStretch membrane
  • water resistance at the level of 30,000 mm of the water column
  • breathability at the level of 30,000 g/m2/24h
  • evaporative resistance coefficient RET <5
  • YKK® AquaGuard® waterproof zippers
  • DWR PFC Free impregnation
  • taped seams
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