Woman at an outdoor shooting range sitting on a folding tourist chair in tiger stripe camouflage

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The importance of military camouflage became evident when it was realized that the less conspicuous one is, the longer one survives. More can be accomplished when hidden, blended into the environment, and harder to detect by, for example, enemy snipers. The idea of camouflage was directly inspired by the animal kingdom, and the development of new patterns for uniforms involved scientists, photographers, and… painters. Their knowledge and collaboration continue to yield results in the form of ever-improving camouflages, often created through trial and error. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of clothing and accessories in iconic camouflaging patterns. 

Kobieta siedząca w poncho turystycznym w kamuflażu wojskowym Desert Night Camo

Desert Night Camo

The Desert Night Camo military camouflage was used by the United States Army during the Gulf War. It was designed to conceal soldiers from enemy night vision devices. Due to technological advancements, the DNC camouflage quickly became obsolete, but it still enjoys significant interest due to its unique appearance. The Desert Night Camo design was created with intersecting lines and blotches intended to blur the user's image.

kurtka ocieplana moro w kamuflażu desert night camo


A lightweight and warm jacket made from a rip-stop nylon shell, which prevents tearing. It is filled with high-quality insulation Climashield Apex of 67 g/m2, which retains its properties even when wet. The Wolfhound Jacket has three external pockets and one internal, all zippered. Additionally, the external hand pockets are lined with soft fleece material, enhancing the comfort of use.

The jacket's cut makes it excellent not only as a standalone jacket but also as an insulating layer under a thicker jacket in winter conditions.

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Mężczyzna w kurtce z kapturem w  kamuflażu pikselowym Pencott Wildwood

PenCott® WildWood™

Its name was created by combining two surnames: Penrose and Cott. In the PenCott pixel pattern design, the key is to enhance concealment capabilities at both long and short distances, better optical disruption of the silhouette, and adapt to every type of environment, not just forests. Pencott Wildwood is most effective in wooded areas due to the high presence of green in this type of camouflage. 

spodnie moro w kamuflażu leśnym Pencott


Designed for outdoor activities, OTP Pants are based on the iconic UTP model but are lighter. This is provided by the four-way stretch Versastretch fabric, which is elastic and quick-drying. A Teflon addition increases the pants' resistance to stains. The tactical outdoor pants can easily be adjusted to individual needs – this is made possible by the elastic waistband with hook & loop tape. The model is compatible with tactical belts up to 50 mm wide.

OTP Pants have ten thoughtfully designed pockets, allowing for the convenient arrangement of everyday carry items so that everything is at hand.

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Called Sọc Răn (striped uniform) by Vietnamese manufacturers and named Tiger Stripe by Western consultants. This was due to the pattern's similarity to the coat of the Asian tiger. Tiger Stripe camouflage also gained significant popularity thanks to the film industry. Its unique look makes it immediately memorable, and the pattern also looks great in urban clothing.

Kobieta na strzelnicy outdoorowej siedząca na składanym krześle turystycznym w kamuflażu tiger stripe


Allows for comfortable sitting thanks to a higher backrest, and can be quickly folded and moved to another location when needed. Very stable, it can be used on various surfaces, thanks to additional overlays on the chair legs. Suitable not only for the shooting range but also for outdoor trips. The folding Traveler Enlarged Chair, thanks to its aluminum construction, takes up little space, is light, and can, for example, be attached to a backpack. The stabilizing leg overlays are made of easy-to-clean material.

If you might deal with unstable surfaces, check out our stabilizing leg overlays for the Traveler Enlarged Chair.

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