A woman and a man sitting outside in warm tourist ponchos in camouflage, drinking from travel mugs

Discover the Reversible Swagman Roll®

The Reversible Swagman Roll® is one product with two camouflages! Choose the version that best fits your activities. We offer three variations: Pencott Wildwood and Pencott Snowdrift, Desert Night Camo, and US Desert, or Mitchell Camo Leaf and Mitchell Camo Clouds. Additionally, the Reversible Swagman Roll® combines the features of as many as 5 products in one. It works as a poncho liner, a light sleeping bag for summer, or as an insert for a winter sleeping bag. It also works well as an underquilt for a hammock or simply as a blanket. 

A man standing with his back turned, dressed in an insulated 5-in-1 poncho in Mitchell Camo Leaf camouflage

even better poncho

Our incredibly popular Poncho Swagman Roll® is available in bushcraft earth colors and more cheerful outdoor colors. We have already introduced single-sided versions in iconic camouflages: Desert Night Camo, US Woodland, Pencott Wildwood, Tiger Stripe, and Flecktarn. The Reversible Swagman Roll® is the next logical step in the poncho development.

We have selected esteemed and popular camouflage patterns and created three reversible sets with different functions. The version with Pencott Wildwood and Pencott Snowdrift camouflages blends in well in green terrain and snowy drifts. The Mitchell Camo Leaf and Mitchell Camo Clouds patterns are great for deciduous forests in spring and fall. Meanwhile, the combination of Desert Night Camo and US Desert brings two iconic patterns together in one product!

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Swagman Roll Reversible Poncho Insulated with Climashield Apex - available patterns and camouflages

Discover Swagman Roll®

Swagman Roll® is a multi-purpose product that combines the features of 5 products in one. First of all, it is a poncho liner. Secondly, it works as a lightweight sleeping bag in summer, or as a sleeping bag liner in winter. It will also work as a lining for a hammock or a tourist blanket. The five listed functions are just the beginning because the Swagman Roll® has a lot of uses depending on the needs and situations.

The mountain traveler is wearing an orange hooded poncho and holding enamel camping mug

One Swagman, Many Features

Looking for a versatile and reliable piece of outdoor gear that can serve multiple functions? Swagman Roll® is just what you need! It's perfect for people who love outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking in the forest, or mountain climbing.

  • Poncho liner, additional thermal insulation,
  • Tourist sleeping bag which provides warmth and comfort while sleeping outside,
  • Sleeping bag insert - better insulation in colder weather conditions.
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    Designed With Functionality In Mind

    Infographic with Swagman Roll functions: poncho liner, summer sleeping bag, hammock underquilt, travel blanket, emergency hooded jacket
    How to sleep in a hammock - hammock underquilt made of outdoor poncho

    Versatility At Its Best

    Because of its durable construction, the Swagman Roll® poncho can be used for a long time and carried easily when hiking and traveling. It has been designed to work well as:

  • Hammock liner for comfortable sleeping outside,
  • Tourist blanket for more warmth during the nights,
  • Improvised hooded jacket - great for changeable weather conditions.
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    Check out how our poncho looks in the field. Swagman Roll® will make #JourneyToPerfection a real pleasure.

    Swagman Roll Basic vs. Swagman Roll®

    The Swagman Basic and the Swagman Roll are both high-quality ponchos designed for outdoor enthusiasts. However, there are some key differences between the two that may make one more suitable for your needs than the other.

    • Swagman Roll Basic:

      • Outer material: 100% polyester
      • Filling: 100% polyester
      • Weight: 979g
      • USGI poncho compatibility: no
      • Pocket/selfpack: no
    • Swagman Roll®:

      • Outer material: 100% nylon
      • Filling: Climashield Apex 67g/m²
      • Weight: 782g
      • USGI poncho compatibility: yes
      • Pocket/selfpack: yes
    Camping in the forest - using a brown bushcraft poncho as an improvised insulated jacket

    Available in a Variety of Colors

    Swagman Roll® is a product from the Bushcraft Line, so it's civilian. However, we wanted to emphasize its versatility, so we created variations of our poncho in iconic camouflages: Pencott® Wildwood™, Desert Night Camo, Tiger Stripe, Woodland, and Flecktarn.

    For outdoor lovers, Swagman Roll® is also available in plain colors, from tactical shades of green to cheerful blues, reds, oranges, etc.

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