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CLAYMORE Bag - Cordura®

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    CLAYMORE Bag - Cordura®

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    Weight [g] 370.0000
    Dimensions 31 x 22 x 20 cm
    Capacity [l] 4.5
    Material Main: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Nylon
    Grammage [g/m2] 263

    A small bag - a lot of potentials

    Universal, one-day tactical shoulder bag. It refers to the bag used in the US Army since the 1960s to carry the M18A1 mine called Claymore. It complements our selection of bags with a wider range of uses, not only for bushcraft and tourism but also for other outdoor or urban activities. The solutions used in the Claymore Bag will also be appreciated by firearms users because AR/AK magazines fit perfectly into the universal flat pockets.

    Solid materials at hand

    Because of the 500D Cordura - much more durable than traditional nylon and polyester - the Claymore Bag is resistant to abrasion. You can go with it to the city and use it every day, e.g. when driving to work or university. Our Claymore will also work as a tactical bag, in which the equipment will be safe even when going through a dense forest or between rocks. Hook & loop and snap fasteners will protect small items from falling out.

    Well organized place

    To increase the potential of the Claymore Bag, we have equipped it with fourteen pockets. Thanks to this, it can be used as a go bag, holding spare ammunition, a canteen, and a light jacket (like Windrunner or Tramontane). Users who want to be always ready can use it as a larger EDC organizer. The Claymore Bag will hold a liter bottle, a folding saw, a small axe, etc. It completes our range of bags, filling the gap between the eight-liter Haversack and the less capacious, two-and-a-half-liter Essential Kit Bag.

    Outside - comfort and accessibility

    In case of an emergency, we have placed the outer pockets in such a way that access to them is as quick as possible. On the front, the Claymore Bag has two large patch pockets with hook & loop and (if needed) snap fasteners. In each of them, there are two flat pockets, perfect for AR/AK magazines. We also placed three pockets on the back of the bag, if you want more space. Together, it gives nine pockets, of which seven are flat and two are sewn-on.

    Inside - security and order

    The rectangular compartment of the bag is secured with a zipper and is divided into four flat pockets and a free space that can accommodate a notebook or a tablet etc. In addition, there is another zippered pocket in the back wall for valuables, e.g. important documents or money. A total of five pockets and free space between them. Keys and other small items can be hung on the loops so that they are easily accessible.

    A shoulder bag full of history

    One of the most characteristic elements of the US Army soldier's equipment during the Vietnam War was the M7 Bandolier. It's a snap-fastened military bag with two pockets. One carried an M18A1 anti-personnel mine called Claymore (like a large Scottish sword). The other housed the M57 firing device and power tester. After each mine was detonated, the soldier was left with one such bag, which over time came to be simply called a claymore bag and used to carry equipment. It was remade, and used after the end of service. The military shoulder bag became so popular that its civilian version began to be produced commercially.


  • 14 pockets (including 7 for AK/AR magazines)
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